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Q & A About Buying

  • Can I make an offer on items?
    Yes, on all items priced $50 or over, simply tell the cashier at Peddler's Mall that you want to make an offer, and they will get an answer for you on the spot.

  • What about making an offer on items priced under $50?
    Although Peddler's Mall doesn't present offers to vendors on items priced under $50, you're welcome to text me the amount you're willing to pay. And I'll let you know if the price will be reduced in the future.

  • Can you hold items for me?
    Peddler's Mall allows holding items ONLY after they are paid for in person. You'll have up to 48 hours to pick up the items.

  • Can I pay for items over the phone or online?
    Unfortunately, Peddler's Mall only accepts payments in person at this time.

  • Isn't there any way to hold an item until I get there?
    I understand the concern. I sympathisize with individuals who don't want to get to Peddler's Mall after driving a distance, and discover that it just sold. However, my hands are tied. Peddler's Mall does not allow the holding of items without paying in-person in advance.


Q & A About Selling

  • What type of items do you purchase? I purchase dressers, tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, desks, and certain antiques and accessories. Items should be clean, sturdy, and preferable from a non-smoking home. I only pick up items in Lexington, or in some cases, surrounding communities.

  • How do I get a cash offer?
    Text me clear pictures and descriptions to 859-402-4457. I will provide an estimate. However, the cash offer is subject to change after an in-person examination of the item(s).

  • How much do you pay?
    I'm in this business to earn a living. A major portion of the gross profit from the sale of items goes to pay booth rental. Additionally, there is extensive time and expense involved in searching, transporting, cleaning, organizing, pricing and staging the inventory. For most items, I pay about 30% of the actual value. If getting the most out of your items is important, sell them on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. I'm here to help individuals who need items gone right away, or that don't want the hassle and safety issues associated with selling.

  • Do you pick up the items, or do I bring them to you?
    In most cases, I pick up the items if in the Lexington area.